A Penny an Hour. . . Every Hour.

Have you ever wished you could stop going to your job day after day? We’ve all seen those assholes on YouTube traveling the world with a seemingly endless supply of funds. If they could figure out how, it means I also have an option.

I’ll delve deeper into my plans in subsequent posts but for now I’ll summarize my plan to replace my paycheck. A choice to stop spending my days in a box which is located in a much larger box. Seems only appropriate to use the phrase thinking outside the box because it fits. Enough about boxes, let’s talk about the D.


Recently I’ve opened up a Robinhood account and tossed in some unused cash. (This could fall under an example of what to do with money after an emergency fund is setup. I’ll provide a link at the end.)

I’ve been focusing on only purchasing stocks which pay those glorious dividends. A dividend is a portion of earnings companies pay out either monthly or quarterly to their shareholders just for owning them! For example 1 share of Not a real company pays out $0.41 per share every 3 months. This amounts to a nice $1.64 annually.

Using simple math during one of my lunch breaks I plugged in some numbers to see how many shares I’d need to purchase to make $0.01 an hour. . . Every hour. 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Needless to say I found it wasn’t too difficult to reach this milestone.

  1. One penny an hour = $87.60 a year.
  2. Purchase enough shares to accumulate $87.60 in dividends.
  1. Use the $87.60 to buy more shares!
  2. Add another penny to the hourly goal.
  3. Repeat.

Meow that you have the secret formula we just need to figure out how many pennies it would take to replace your annual income.

Let’s use $45,000 as an example.

  • $45,000 divided by 365 = $123.29 a day
  • $123.29 divided by 24 = $5.13 per hour.

Using the above information and a general disgust for having a job I need to attend Monday thru Friday, I figured out my magic number of pennies I’d need.

If you can figure out a new way to make a penny an hour on a regular basis then you can repeat that process 513 more times and tell your boss to (insert your inner voice here.)

As previously mentioned for those who are interested in taking a look at Robinhood. Click here!

Thanks for reading! Share only with those you know who hate their jobs.