March Dividends!

It’s days like today reminding me why I’ve started the journey to give up the job life. 🤮 Could be a character flaw but if I’m to have flaws I’d rather think about them while doing whatever the fuck I want.

Enough of a vague rant, let’s take a look at some pending dividends!

PSEC has been nice to me by providing a monthly paying dividend I don’t need to watch closely.

STAG A little on the expensive side, hopefully the dividend yield will reflect as well.

MAIN Recently sold this stock, thankfully I made the cut to receive a dividend payout. Earnings weren’t too hot this quarter. Keeping them on my watch list for a possible hop back in.

AGNC No feeling about this company. Haven’t dug too deep into their company. Maybe I need to remedy this by spending a day researching.

F Classic dividend paying stock. Got lucky with this one. Used to own it when it was around $11.50. Sold it before the recent drop and I feel it’s grossly undervalued. Picked up 50 shares.

PCI Large mortgage company which has been growing.

Current income from Robinhood dividends is $798.00/ year.

My goal is still to make $5.06/ hr to replace my jobs paycheck. With the additions this month I’m sitting at $0.09/ hr. Every hour. It’s an awesome feeling knowing my dollars are out there kidnapping new dollars for my collection!

Previous month dividends.

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