Are Real Estate / Investing Seminars worth it?

I sum up this event into one word, debt!

Like most free real estate events/seminars, they were trying to sell a product. Their “experience & knowledge” bottled up on this DVD, CD and book series that includes online access to the ever changing legal forms.

Sitting down in the event, watching the projected video of the star of the brand name talking about the awesomeness of richness. Yeah yeah we know!

The “instructor” we had was a “multi-millionaire investor who got his millions via this program!” My questions were immediately:

1. Why does he know the slide show by heart like a salesman would?

2. If he’s spending all his time here and at other sales events, how does he have time to run his 64+ properties on his own?

3. Why is his $50 suit too short for him?

4. Why does he have a $300 facial hair trim and a $10 hair gel slick-back?

5. Why does he keep using buzz words?

Answer? Because he’s not a multi-millionaire! He’s just another salesman selling the same real estate investment programs that come from the same seminars that I attended in the 90’s, rebranded, repackaged and resold to new suckers!

Every single ounce of information they were selling was easily found via a google search. You literally can find 300 search results for “real estate investing programs” all with varying costs.

A YouTube search gets you the exact same knowledge for free! I unfortunately, for the purpose of this article, had to spend $22 on parking, approx. $10 in gas and a few hours in a hot room with overly hyped strangers to let you know that it’s a waste of time and money to go through the “seminar” that’s a reimagined high pressure time share sales scam!

I will post a more detailed article in the near future and give links to the information for free to my followers!

Let me know in the comments that you want to hear about this!

Joe Adams is a producer for and a disabled combat veteran.

Follow him @ThatWTFGuy on Twitter and Instagram!

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