The Stock Market Has Bulls Bears and Sloths?

Today’s afternoon was spent sitting through a real estate investing seminar. Didn’t end up buying into what they were trying to sell but had a good experience over all. Biggest takeaway being not to buy liabilities. Instead, buy assets which pay for your liabilities! Joe will expand on this trip more in an upcoming article.

By now, I’m sure each of you are asking what impulse purchase stole my cash today. (See below)

Sweet right!?

It’s the sloth not the car. My amazing girlfriend loves them and this chubby little guy was sitting next to the check out counter. Joe and I decided it would be gentlemanlike to show the sloth a good time before taking him home.

First we gave him the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air outside the store.

We worked up an appetite after our little adventure and took him out to eat. Also he doesn’t have a name yet. If you think of a good one leave it in the comments below.

Did people watch and judge as two grown ass man giggled and took pictures of a stuffed animal? Absolutely.

The sloth should be included on Wall Street in my opinion. Long term buy and hold investors like Warren Buffet, praise his name, don’t have a mascot.

The bulls believe the markets are going up. The bears believe the markets will fall. The sloths just don’t give a shit what the market does as long as it can collect passive income and an excellent rate of return in between naps.

Sloth taking a selfie. Nothing to add here just wanted to include this picture.

On the way to the car we came across some girls taking selfies and I couldn’t resist. I took the picture and my sloth back. I’m usually against impulse buys but it was 50% off. 🤑 That and my girl deserves this party animal.

Ignore what the bulls and bears are bitching about on the sidelines. Be a sloth and buy the entire field.


She loved the new sloth so much she put a ring on it. 😂

Also, her name is Ruby.

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