Get Paid Monthly by Owning REITs.

A REIT is a wonderful way to get started with passive income. It stands for Real Estate Investment Trust. The name sounds fancy but in reality it’s one of the easiest methods to collect a check from these companies on a monthly basis.

REITs own and operate rental properties. These could be anything from a single family home to a large commercial building for businesses. Some of my favorite REITs to hunt down deal primarily with business which have dealings with the medical world. Companies that have shown consistent Sloth-like growth are the low hanging fruit folks and any of you can own them. Let’s face it, people will always need a place to live. Those people will more than likely visit a medical facility throughout their time here and unless you’re a vampire or Captain Jack Harkness you’re gonna die. REITs will also help your portfolio form a strong base should the country fall into a recession.

Below is a nice list I stole from Remember to do your own due diligence and only buy businesses you understand.

  • VTR Ventas, Inc. Healthcare, mainly in North America and the UK.
  • KIM Kimco Realty. Shopping center REIT. I would advise caution with malls or shopping centers due to commerce largely shifting to online marketplaces.
  • WPC W.P. Carey. Leased properties.
  • SKT Tanger Outlets. Nice REIT, again shopping centers involve some down the road risk.
  • ACC American Campus. Largest owner of student housing. And we all know the cost to students only goes up.
  • PSA Public Storage. As people buy more and more shit they don’t need they’ll need offsite boxes to store them in.
  • DOC Physicians Realty Trust. Medical properties leased out to the medical sector.
  • STAG Stag Industrial. Large industrial properties.
  • SPG Simon Property Group. Shopping and entertainment focused destinations.
  • CONE CyrusOne. Data centers. Was not aware of this one. Will do some more research and see about adding it to the portfolio.

Feel free to add your favorite REITs in the comments!

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