Dividend Paying Stocks. List of 25!

Recently cashed out 99% of my current holdings due mostly to a gut feeling. The crystal ball in my mind leads me to believe the market is due for a steep decline in the coming months. Once this happens, and it’s currently overdue, I’ll be splitting $10,000 between the list of 25. The new dividends will be equally reinvested to purchase new shares. My goal is to keep the risk exposure to be right around 4%. The reason for cutting up the pie this way is to minimize risk. If one stock has a horrible day and wipes out the business I’m only out 4% on the total portfolio. 🤓

The 2020 election season will no doubt heighten the emotions of many from all walks of life. Protesters and everlasting investigations combined with a viewership hungry media shoving negativity down our throats won’t sit too well with the global economy.

Below is a list of my 25 dividend paying stocks that’ll makeup my new portfolio after the next bear market.

If you have strong objections to these picks let your voice be heard in the comments! Also I’d like to hear your opinions on the direction of he market. Bulls Bears and Sloths are welcome.

Thanks again for visiting the blog! Remember if you love money it’ll love you back in dividends. ❤️

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