It’s been a good week!

So what do I do? What’s my secret? It’s simple! No click bait, no BS! The simple phrase is true; “Buy low, sell high!” & during selloffs, hold what you have because your dividends will still be there and they will still pay.

Your stock during sell offs are still your share(s) of the company. The value of stocks change every minute during the trading day. When they go down; hold! When they go up; hold or sell!

When you see a stock near it’s 52 week low, that’s a great time to buy. But first ensure that they are profitable and they aren’t losing profit. If their profit to earnings ratio keeps going up, they’re a good buy, especially if their stock price is low.

Rules to follow:

Never sell during a sell off!

Buy at the bottom of sell offs!

Hold stocks for the long game!

Consult with an expert before investing!

Never listen to one just one source of information!

Stay away from main stream media!

Never impulse buy!

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Joseph Adams is a Writer / Producer at and a disabled combat veteran.

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