Second hand stores are becoming a rip off!

Everyone is becoming more intelligent every day. With people like Dave Ramsey and Chris Hogan telling people to save money and shop like millionaires, second hand stores are beginning to trend.

And that’s the problem. Now everyone hits up these amazing second hand stores and the demand is skyrocketing. I was at a massive second hand sale for shoes, clothes, toys etc. and the vast majority of shirts were at least $4 each! This is not a bargain.

Some name brand shirts and dresses ranged between $4-$15 each.

A gallon sized bag a quarter way filled with generic legos was $30. Thirty Dollars!!!

An used and falling apart play table was $100!

Common people eat this up because they think “This is how rich people shop!” NEGATIVE!

Rich people think! Then they shop with their mind open and willing to walk away from a deal unless they can drop the price.

Everything in this “recycled sale” is used and many things are missing parts or stained, faded or even broken. Yet the majority of the prices are what you’d pay for a discounted new item.

Please people, before you go to these big previously owned “sales”, check prices of the items new. If you have a smart phone, you can check while you shop. You can get better deals or even new items for the same price. You need to weight the price for a faded, torn, stained shirt that’s $4, for a new one that’s $5.

For a savings of $1 are you willing to wash that shirt and have it ripped and torn the next wash? How many more play days does that shirt have? Does that toy have?

Here are some good alternatives:




Big lots.

Salvation Army.

Your friends and family.

The classifieds.

Facebook Marketplace.

Yard sales.

Even ebay!

In closing, if you’re shopping these places for a good deal on an used item, make sure you understand the value of the item, how many more months you may get out of it, and understand that these places do not offer refunds or exchanges. All sales are final. At least at Walmart if something stops working you can take it back for a refund or even call the company with a receipt of a new purchase and they’ll fix it. No company will fix an item you bought at a second hand sale.

Never impulse buy!

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