Rebooting The Dividends.

Had to make some recent cuts to the stocks I own in order to maximize my yearly dividends. For now the largest holding in my Robinhood doesn’t pay any dividends, Aurora Cannabis. I actually would disagree with their leadership if they decided to start paying investors. My view is the profits should be used for share buy backs and future acquisitions. 

I’ll start off with the smallest holdings and work my way up.

APHA– Aphria is a minor swing trade. Used to own many more shares but they don’t pay a dividend and they’re a hostile takeover attempt from being absorbed by a larger company.

BAC– Bank of America. As much grief as they have caused me years ago I just can’t stay away from their dividend. Each quarter (every 3 months) they shell out $0.16 per share. It’s a favorite of Warren Buffet, praise his name, but then again so is Wells Fargo. This bank is just a tad cheaper for a smaller account. I only have 2 which nets me $1.19 a year.

SPHD– PowerShares S&P 500 High Dividend. This bad boy pays monthly and I really should add to this position. Shame on me. They’ve recently increased their monthly payout from $0.14 a share to $0.15. Holding an embarrassing one share which I suppose is better than nothing. Annually this one shares pays me $1.68.

CTRE– CareTrust REIT. As you recall from previous posts a REIT is a real estate investment trust which also pays monthly dividends. Annually this one pays $0.92. Basically a little under a dollar per share.

KO– Coca-Cola. I was a dumbass and sold this stock back when it was $40 a share and it now sits at $49.09 at the time of this post. I intend on adding a lot more if the price drops. For now I have 6 paying out $9.73 annually. As far as safety goes with stocks just ask yourself if watching coke go out of business makes any sense in today’s world. 😉

VWO– Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets. Hopping this one will appreciate in price down the road. Emerging markets are businesses in foreign countries with exponential growth potential. I figured why not invest in those countries with a safer fund under vanguards watchful eye. Currently holding 6 with an intention of adding more when the markets pull back a bit. Annual return is $5.52.

DIV– Global X Super Dividend. Let’s be honest the name says it all. Currently holding 6 shares with an annual payout of $9.73.

JNJ– Johnson & Johnson. This one will cost you a bit more to own at $141.20. The dividend is worth it in the long term. I’m holding 5 shares for a nice $19.18 a year. If this one drops I’ll probably sell off some Aurora for the $0.84 per share prize.

STAG– Stag Industrial Inc. Holding 5 and wish I had a lot more. Annual income so far is $7.18 and with their impressive earnings year after year I wouldn’t doubt if they joined the ranks of dividend aristocrats.

F– Ford Motors. Had to restart my collection of this dividend monster. I originally had 50 shares that I had purchased at $9.32 a share so when it bounced up to $10.21 last week I had to take some profits. It made more sense to pocket the $44.50 swing trade then to wait 5 years for $37.50 worth of dividends had I not sold.

REM– iShares Trust Mortgage Real Estate. The dividend payout is generally high for this one but inconsistent. Looking at their past layouts it could be a really good paying dividend or it could be eh. Using the app Dividend Calculator the projected annual income on 11 of these is $41.97 so I won’t complain too loudly.

MO– Altria Group Inc. At $54.33 a share I’m waiting for a price drop before adding more. Sitting on 10 shares with an annual income of $32.49.

STOR– Store Capital Corp. Mainly focuses on the acquisitions of single tenant operational real estate. Yanno, like for small business folk. It’s another REIT and pays quarterly. 10 shares is bringing home $13.31 per year.

HEXO– Hexo Corp. Small scale marijuana company that I’m hanging onto because a bunch of analysts swear it has a great deal of growth potential. If it doesn’t impress me by this summer I’ll end up dumping it’s no dividend having ass.

ABT– Abbot Laboratories. A little expensive but I’d pick up a few if you have the ability to. They pay $10.41 per year for holding 8 shares. These guys aren’t going out of business anytime soon.

OXY– Occidental Petroleum Corporation. I’ll admit it, this was a straight up impulse buy I placed while sitting in my car before work. I heard on the radio Berkshire was dumping 10 billion into them and knew for a purchase that large by Berkshire this would end up being a safe bet. Snagged 6 of them for an annual dividend payout of $18.33 which is expected to rise.

ACB– I think we’ve covered them enough. Even have the T-shirt laying in the hamper.

NLY– Annaly Capital Management Inc. Another REIT which pays quarterly. This was added to be one of my money makers. The dividends this brings in will be used to ass to this position when it’s low. When it’s over my average purchase price I’ll use it to increase my holdings on the smaller stocks. Currently holding 100 shares which brings daddy $120.48 a year.

PSEC– Prospect Capital. This is a monthly paying dividend shelling out $0.06 a share for today’s low low price of $6.75. I ended up buying mine cheaper at $6.60 and collect $72.21 a year by holding 100 of them.

MPW– Medical Properties Trust. Figured people get sick and have to go to medical facilities quite often so why not own a few. Hanging onto 24 shares with an annual payout of $24.29.

T– AT&T. Decided to purchase a few of these after being shocked about the price drop after it acquired Time Warner. I could smell long term opportunity all over this one. Currently holding 22 shares which pay out $45.00 annually.

Overall with this recent reboot of the Dividend game I’m up to $436.06 of my $1,200 a year goal. I set the benchmark at $1,200 because that’ll average out to $100 per month with which I could purchase more shares! 😲 perhaps next year I’ll shoot for $12,000 a year and watch some real money roll in.

Everything above this line is not an endorsement or recommendation to buy or sell securities. Do your own research and stop blaming other people for your problems. 🤨

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